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Industrial plugs and sockets. International Edition.

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Short form catalogue

Industrial plugs and sockets.

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The new generation of contact sleeves

X-CONTACT_int.pdf1.0 M
Solutions for Industry 4.0

Energy and data – distributing, networking, measuring

Solutions_for_Industry_4_0.pdf3.3 M
AMAXX®. Receptacle combinations for worldwide use

Receptacle combinations for worldwide use

AMAXX_for_worldwide_use_2016.pdf13.1 M
Plugs and sockets made of AMELAN

Plugs and sockets made of AMELAN with high resistance to chemicals.

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Mobile distributor

for events, fairs, emergency services, heavy industries, markets and funfairs.

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Top Seller

Industrial plugs and sockets

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The home charging station. “Charged” with ideas. International Edition

AMTRON_international.pdf1.6 M

Combination units for Energy, Industrial Ethernet and Automation.

MENNEKES_AMAXX_International_Edition_2015.pdf5.5 M
PowerTOP® Xtra.

Plugs and connectors for toughest conditions.

PowerTOP_Xtra_-_GB_international_750000DS.pdf1.4 M